Temperature Calibration

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Temperature Calibration

“Accurate Temperature Measurement: Petrik Naval Ensures Calibration & Process Reliability with Contact Sensors up to 650 °C!”

Temperature is one of the most important physical mmagnitude is frequently measured in the mariune industries. Every year, thousands of new temperature sensors are installed and calibrated to enable accurate readings. Petrik Naval specializes in temperature metrology, with contact sensors that can measure temperatures ranging from -200 up to 650°C with resolution of 0.001ºC. Temperature calibration is a reliable, reproducible, and documented comparison of a piece of equipment, such as a temperature sensor, to a known reference. This reference is an instrument that is checked regularly by an accredited laboratory. This ensures that any readings taken are of the highest possible accuracy and precision. The purpose of temperature calibration is to ensure that all the sensors are providing accurate readings. To do so, the calibration process is performed at several defined measurement points over a period of time. This allows for any changes in temperature over the course of the calibration to be taken into account. By performing accurate and reliable temperature calibration, organizations can ensure that all temperature readings taken are accurate and precise. This helps to ensure that the readings are consistent with the expected results and that any discrepancies are quickly identified and rectified. This makes temperature calibration an essential part of any organization’s quality assurance process. At Petrik Naval, we have been providing temperature calibration services for more than 10 years, and our team of experienced engineers can provide high-quality services for any type of temperature sensor. Our comprehensive calibration services are tailored to your specific needs and requirements, ensuring that accurate and reliable temperature readings are taken at all times.


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Scope of service

Ambient temp. … 650ºC

Temperature calibration pattern equipment

Lufft XA1000 SN 5810.00

KEYSIGHT 344465A SN: MY54501479 ENAC ILAC control periodical Certificate N: C-07071.00014

Probe: Fluke 5609-400-J SN: 04078 ENAC ILAC control periodical Certificate N: C-07071.00013

Temperature calibrations guidlines

Ptb Germany  IMO ISM code