Riken Keiki RKK-2002K

The Riken Keiki RKK-2002K fixed gas sampling system is a robust and precise apparatus designed for continuous monitoring of gas concentrations in industrial settings. Its durable construction and advanced sensor technology ensure reliable detection of various gases, including toxic and combustible ones. With its compact design, the system can be easily installed in fixed locations for continuous monitoring. Featuring intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, it facilitates easy operation and data analysis.The RKK-2002K system allows users to configure alarm setpoints and response actions based on gas concentration levels. In addition to audible and visual alarms, the system may support relay outputs for activating external alarm devices or initiating safety protocols in the event of a gas leak or alarm condition. Equipped with high-quality components, it offers long-term stability and accuracy, making it an ideal choice for ensuring safety and compliance in industrial environments where gas detection is critical. Built to withstand harsh industrial environments, with rugged construction and corrosion-resistant materials. Riken Keiki RKK-2002K fixed gas detection system is an essential tool for industrial safety, providing reliable monitoring and early warning of gas hazards to protect personnel and assets.

Riken Keiki RKK-2002K Fixed gas sampling system gas detector