Pressure instruments

“Accurate Calibration of Pressure Gauges: The Key to National Standard Compliance”

Calibration is a very important process in the field of pressure measurement and can be carried out in a number of different ways. It is very important to ensure that the measurements taken are accurate and reliable and that the correct reference standards are used. In the case of pressure measurement, calibration is usually carried out by direct comparison of the measurement values of the calibration item with those of the reference or working standard which has been directly or indirectly traced back to a national standard. The reference standards used are typically pressure gauges of long-time stability such as pressure balances and liquid-level manometers, or less long-term stable electrical pressure gauges. These reference standards are calibrated at regular intervals and provided with a calibration certificate stating the expanded measurement uncertainty under standard conditions (among other things, standard or local acceleration due to gravity, 20°C, 1 bar). The reference standard is subject to surveillance and documentation by the accreditation body. Corrections are to be applied to the pressure calculation if the calibration does not take place under standard conditions. The measurement uncertainties to be attributed to these corrections due to influence quantities are to be taken into account as well. This is why the reference standards used must be of good quality, accurate, reliable and well documented. It is also important to ensure that calibration processes are carried out correctly and regularly, as this will ensure that the pressure readings taken are accurate and reliable. This is why it is important to ensure that the correct reference standards are used and that they are regularly calibrated, monitored and documented. This is why the accreditation body is so important in the calibration process, as it helps to ensure that the reference standards used are of good quality and that the calibration process is carried out correctly, regularly and with the correct measurements.


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Scope of services

From -1 Bar to 700 Bar Uncertainty 0,05%FS

Pressure calibration pattern equipment

Fluke 700G07 SN: 3226081, ENAC ILAC control periodical Certificate N: C-07071.00016

Fluke 700G31 SN: 4806162, ENAC ILAC control periodical Certificate N: C-07071.00015

Pressure calibrations guidlines

Ptb Germany IMO ISM code