OWS 15ppm bilge alarm

Introduction to OWS

OWS 15ppm Bilge Alarm

The OWS 15ppm Bilge Alarm is designed to meet the requirements of the actual IMO Resolution MEPC107(49) acting as a continuous measuring cell when a Bilge Oily Water Separator (OWS) is running. The range of measuring is from 0 to 30ppm of oil particles diluted in the water. This dilution is produced by the engine space cleaning processes. The regulation allows to discharge water under certain criteria, can not be exceeded 15ppm for older models and 5ppm for new-build ships.

Petrik Naval counts on huge experience in calibration, repair, and commissioning of oil content meters. As the oily water separator in coastal navigation is not used due to regulatory restrictions most of the chief engineers have some issues with full function tests. We are providing a strong understanding of the function and operation procedure of most of the OWS in the market.

For OWS 15ppm Bilge Alarm brands like Deckma Hamburg, Georim GBA155, Fellow Kogyo, our company have original manufacturer calibration kits and procedures to calibrate the DUTs.

Regulations for OWS 15ppm Alarm

To perform and comply with IMO regulations in terms of proper calibration and maintenance to be considered:

The Resolution details the requirements for the Calibration of 15ppm Bilge Alarms.

The accuracy of the 15 ppm Bilge Alarms should be checked at IOPP Certificate renewal surveys according to the manufacturers’ instructions.

Alternatively, the unit may be replaced by a calibrated OWS 15ppm Bilge Alarm. The calibration certificate for the 15 ppm Bilge Alarm, certifying date of last calibration check, should be retained onboard for inspection purposes.
The accuracy checks can only be done by the manufacturer or persons authorized by the manufacturer.

Shipowners / Managers / Operators / Surveyors should take into consideration the above reminder on the need for recalibration of OWS equipment by the manufacturer or an approved competent person during their vessels IOPP renewal surveys.

Maker Approvals

Brannstrom, Hansun, Boss Separators, Deyuan, Rivertrace

OEM Calibration kit available

Brannstrom, Hansun, Boss Separators, Rivetrace Engineering, Georim, Deckma

MEPC107(49), MEPC60(33)