ODME Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment

OEM maker approvals for ODME systems

Brannstrom, Scanjet, Hansun, Heishin, Rivertrace, Marsen, Jowa, Rongde

Servicing as a third party qualified company

Seres Seil KSB, Sasakura Babcock, Vaf Instruments, Viking, Jowa 2005

Petrik Naval, renowned as a premier maritime service provider, exemplifies excellence in the maintenance and servicing of Onboard Data Management Equipment (ODME) systems. As a maker-approved service provider, Petrik Naval operates with a commitment to quality, reliability, and adherence to industry standards.

With a team of highly skilled technicians and engineers, Petrik Naval ensures that ODME systems are serviced with precision and efficiency. Their technicians undergo rigorous training programs to stay updated with the latest technological advancements and industry regulations, enabling them to deliver superior service.

Petrik Naval’s servicing process begins with a thorough inspection of the ODME system, identifying any potential issues or areas requiring attention. Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and techniques, they pinpoint faults and develop tailored solutions to address them promptly.

Their approach to servicing ODME systems is comprehensive, encompassing calibration, testing, and maintenance to guarantee optimal performance and compliance with international regulations. Whether it involves troubleshooting complex problems or conducting routine maintenance checks, Petrik Naval’s technicians possess the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional results.

As a maker-approved service provider, Petrik Naval maintains close partnerships with leading manufacturers of ODME systems, ensuring access to genuine spare parts and technical support. This collaboration enables them to uphold the integrity of the equipment while providing clients with peace of mind regarding the authenticity and reliability of the components used in the servicing process.

Petrik Naval prioritizes customer satisfaction, striving to minimize downtime and maximize the operational efficiency of ODME systems. Their dedication to excellence and commitment to exceeding client expectations have earned them a reputation as a trusted service provider in the maritime industry.

In conclusion, Petrik Naval stands as a beacon of excellence in the servicing of ODME systems, leveraging technical expertise, industry partnerships, and a customer-centric approach to deliver unparalleled service. As a maker-approved service provider, they continue to set the standard for reliability, quality, and professionalism in the maritime servicing sector.

Cleantrack 1000b Oily water discharge monitoring equipment


Cleantrack 1000b

Brannstrom Cleantrack 1000b Calibration Check Verification Servicing

Marsen ODM-2000

MARSEN ODM-2000 Servicing Calibration Repair

Jowa ODME 2005

Jowa ODME 2005 Servicing Calibration

Vaf Oilcon Mark6 M

ODME Vaf Instrument Oilcon Mark 6M Servicing Calibration Check

Seres Seil KSB S-3000

Seres Seil KSB S-3000V2 Calibration Servicing Gibraltar Huelva Cartagena Algeciras

Vaf Oilcon Mark 6

ODME Vaf Instruments Mark6 servicing calibration check

Seil Seres S663 MK-III

SEIL SERES S663 MK-III Servicing Calibration Repair Spare Parts

Smart ODME

Smart ODME Rivertrace Engineering

Cleantrack 1000

Brannstrom Cleantrack 1000 Servicing Calibration Repair