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Marine Automation Repair Services

Marine Automation Repair Services

Owners and technical management are always searching the optimal way to manage their annual budgets. We in Petrik Naval offer a costs relation between repair and renew above 15% of the system costs. That means the benefit for our customers are important. We ensure a friendly environment in attendance of the vessels searching the value and  benefit for our customer. Our invoices are always are approved immediately after receiving, that is an indicator for the high value of our services. In  10 years we hace attended more than 1000 repair and recondition technical assistances with very high percentage of first time solution. In order to handle our quality and ethical policy we follow up the services at least 1 month after the successful result.

SERVICE PORTS: Gibraltar, Algeciras, Huelva, Malaga, Santander, Cadiz, Castellon, Valencia, Cartagena, Barcelona, Taragona, La Coruña, Bilbao, Malaga, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Sines, Setubal


Engine Room Automation Equipment
Boiler Control Systems
Main Engine Pneumatic Control Systems
Inert Gas Systems and Inert Gas Generators
Incinerator Control Systems
Engine Room Alarm Monitoring Systems
Fuel Oil Viscosity Control, Viscotherm and Viscosense Systems
15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors, Oily Water Separators
Control Valves & Valve Positioners
Temperature and Pressure Control Loops
Engine Oil Mist Detection Systems
Engine Oil Mist Detection Systems
Bow Thruster Controls and Steering Gear Systems
Generator controls, Parallel Operation, Load Sharing and Synchronisation
Deck Automation Equipment and Systems
Oil Discharge Monitoring Systems (ODME)
Fixed Gas Detection Systems and Portable Gas Detectors
Mechanical Float Type Level Gauging Systems
Electro-Pneumatic Tank Level Gauging Systems
Water Ingress Detection Systems and De-Watering Systems
Cargo Pump Bearing Temperature Monitoring Systems
Vapour Emmission Control System
Cargo Tank Level Gauges, Ballast Tank Level Gauges, Draft Gauges
Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring Systems
Wheelhouse and Accommodation Equipment & Systems
Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)
Fire Alarm Systems
Intercoms, Public Address Systems and Telephone Systems
Miscellaneous Equipment & Systems
Power Quality Analysis, Load Studies and Energy Assessments
Air Circuit Breakers and Electrical Control Equipment / Switchgear
Switchboard Repairs, Testing and Certification
Flowmeters, Pressure, Level, Temperature & Flow monitoring Equipment & Systems
Controllers, Recorders, Valve Positioners, Solenoid Valves, Control Valves, Actuators
Signal Converters, Digital Indicators, Signal Calculators, Universal Transmitters
Portable Gas Detectors
Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Detection; Gas Systems, Shutdown Systems
Custom Alarm Panels
Control Panel
Specialised Services
Thermographic Survey of Electrical Switchgear, Electrical Systems and Components
Power Plant Analyzing