IGG System Health Check

IGG system healyh check servicing repair Algeciras Gibraltar

IGG System Health Check

“Experience Cleaner and Safer Cargo by Servicing the Diesel-Powered Inert Gas Generator System IGG!”

When it comes to transporting flammable cargo, safety is of the utmost importance. One of the key ways tanker ship management companies can ensure that their cargo is safely stored and transported is by utilizing diesel-powered combustion chambers to create inert gas. The process works by burning diesel in an atmospheric air combustion chamber, the exhaust gas is then collected and is comprised of less than 5% oxygen, creating the desired inert gas. This hot and dirty gas is then passed through a scrubbing tower which cleans and cools it using seawater before it is then delivered to cargo tanks as a preventative measure against explosion of flammable cargo. It’s important to note that this system is often confused with flue gas systems, which draw inert gas from the boiler systems of the ship. Flue gas systems do not have a burner, instead they just clean and measure the air before delivering it to the cargo hold. Tanker ship management companies should make sure that they are utilizing this system to its fullest potential, as it can greatly reduce the risk of explosions or other safety hazards. Utilizing the diesel-powered combustion chamber and scrubbing tower combination ensures that the inert gas is properly cooled and cleaned before it is delivered to cargo tanks, giving tanker ship management companies peace of mind when transporting their cargo. In conclusion, diesel-powered combustion chambers are a must-have tool for tanker ship management companies looking to safely transport their cargo. By using this system, they can ensure that their cargo is safe and securely stored and transported, and can lower the risk of explosions due to flammable cargo.

Service points

1. Electric switchboard visual inspection, no any modification
found the switchboard appears as per makers indications.
2. Gas analyzer calibration check. The Gas analyzers both are
calibrated and found in accurate condition.
3. The system starts and delivers gas to deck properly using fan
N1 with no any alarms
4. The system starts and delivers gas to deck properly using fan
N2 with no any alarms
5. Alarms and trip check
High Inert Gas Pressure
Oxygen analyser high
Oxygen analyser high high
Deck seal low alarm level
6. System oxygen gas concentration logger test and found
registering properly
7. Deck main oxygen gas concentration logger test and found
registering properly
8. Deck main pressure logger test and found registering
9. The system achieves properly the pressure setpoint as per
the threshold setup. Testeing on 100 mBar level.
10. Lamp and indication test found working properly