Fixed gas detectors

Introduction to fixed gas detectior

Fixed gas detector system calibration Gibraltar Spain Algeciras

Fixed gas detector and sampling system are dedicated to gas control in all tanks, void spaces, pump rooms, or houses adjacent to cargo storage tanks and handling systems. Level’s In order to detect any gas concentration level over programmable limits and to monitor visible and audible alarms consequently, these areas are controlled by the suction process sampling on one or more common sensors(s) as well as by individual local sensors. The system complies with ISGOTT regulation chap. 7.8 and 8.2.

Petrik Naval supports fixed gas detector onboard services for repair, commissioning, calibration, spare part supply for most brands of fixed gas detection systems.

Scope of service

CO, H2S, O2, LEL% C4H10, C3H8, CH4, VOC C4H8


Hanla, Martek Marine, Salwico Consillium, Panasia, Crowcon, RKI, Oldham, Drager, Vimex

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Calgaz UK, Airliquid