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The team that specializes in developing and writing of PLC programs to automate machine operations in the marine industry to guarantee Electronics Repairs in Ships, as well as leading small teams in the development and installation of industrial and marine electrical systems. With years of experience in working on all types of different electronic equipment ranging any system in the marine sector, our team is confident in providing the highest standards of service. Our experts are able to configure files on switches, routers, hubs and internet controllers using UNIX FTP (file transfer protocol) utilities, programme IDEC PLC ladder logic control processes for a specific purpose, install and maintain several Linux and windows computers, replace defective parts using proper solder techniques with reliable solder iron wearing ESD, terminate LAN, voice, video and data cabling according to engineer specifications, install routers and switches in addition to checking and sanitizing the network configurations and replace defective boards, storage devices and other components. With our team of experienced professionals, Petrik Naval Electronics Repair Team is committed to providing the highest quality service for all your marine and industrial electrical repair needs.

We support the right to repair
Electronics Repairs in Ships and the right to repair is proposed legislation that would provide the practical means for electronics equipment owners to repair their devices. Repair is legal under copyright law and patent law. However, owners and independent technicians are often unable to make their own repairs because of manufacturer limitations on access to repair materials such as parts, tools, diagnostics, documentation and firmware.
Proposed legislation has taken note of the specific power of state governments in the US to require both fair and reasonable contracts (“UDAP”) law and General Business Law which allows states to make specific requirements of businesses seeking to do business within their borders.[3] Additionally, under US Law, the Federal Trade Commission has the specific authority to restrict UDAP violations.
While a global concern, the primary debate over the issue has been centered on the United States and within the European Union. Additional efforts are now ongoing in Canada and Australia. Bloggers, activists and volunteer groups such as Louis Rossmann and the Repair Cafe movement started by Martine Postma are also active promoters of repair rights.

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