Automation system

Secure Your Tanker Ship: Protect Main and Auxiliary Engines with Electric and Electronic Safety and Alarm Systems!

The reliability and operational safety of tanker ships depend on the proper functioning of their main and auxiliary engines, generators, and other electro-energetic systems. To ensure this, it is essential for tanker ship management companies to install electric and electronic protection systems that can monitor and control these systems. Electric and electronic protection systems for main and auxiliary engines include controllers and governors for ME, gearbox and controlled pitch propeller automation, as well as alarm systems, engine room supervision and monitoring systems, and their power supplies. Additionally, they provide protection for electric machines, auxiliary engine room machinery (pumps, compressors, purifiers), measurement of electrical equipment, and internal communication systems (telephones, intecoms, PA systems). In order to ensure the safety of the crew and cargo, these electric and electronic protection systems should also include fire detection systems, smoke detection, and water mist. Moreover, UPS and battery charging systems (start battery, emergency, GMDSS) should be installed to ensure the reliable power supply of electronic and automation systems. Tanker ship management companies must understand the importance of electric and electronic protection systems and make sure that they are properly installed and maintained in order to ensure the reliability and safety of their vessels. With the proper protection systems in place, tanker ships can be kept safe and secure, and their crew and cargo can rest assured that their vessels are in good hands.Boost productivity and save time with our advanced automation system. Simplify complex tasks and optimize your operations..Discover the power of automation with our cutting-edge system. Streamline your processes and increase efficiency. Explore our website today!


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