COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Safety Plan

The purpose of this plan is to outline steps that Petrik Naval and its employees can take to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. The plan describes how to prevent worker exposure to coronavirus, protective measures to take on the jobsite, personal protective equipment and work practice controls to use, cleaning and disinfecting procedures, and what to do if a worker becomes sick.

Petrik Naval takes the health and safety of our employees very seriously. With the spread of the coronavirus or “COVID-19,” a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, we all must remain vigilant in mitigating the outbreak. In order to be safe and maintain operations, we have developed this COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan to be implemented throughout Petrik Naval and at all of our facilities. We have also identified a team of employees to monitor available Spanish Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) guidance on the virus.

This Plan is based on currently available information from the CDC, OSHA, WHO. It is subject to change based on further information provided by the CDC, OSHA, WHO and other public officials. Petrik Naval may also amend this

Plan based on operational needs.

Responsibilities of Managers and Supervisors
All managers and supervisors must be familiar with this Plan and be ready to answer questions from employees. Managers and supervisors must set a good example by following this Plan at all times. This involves practicing good personal hygiene and jobsite safety practices to prevent the spread of the virus. Managers and supervisors must encourage this same behavior from all employees.

Responsibilities of Employees
We ask every one of our employees to help with our prevention efforts while at work. In order to minimize the spread of COVID-19 at our jobsites, everyone must play a part. As set forth below, Petrik Naval has instituted various housekeeping, social distancing, and other best practices at our jobsites—all employees are required to follow.

Additionally, employees are expected to report to their managers or supervisors if they are experiencing signs or symptoms of COVID-19, as described below. If you have a specific question about this Plan or COVID-19, please ask a designated team member listed in the Scope of this program. If they cannot answer the question, please contact Designate a personnel here, Title, Phone Number, and Email. OSHA, CDC, WHA have provided the following control and preventative guidance to all workers, regardless of exposure risk:

Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. When soap and running water are unavailable, use an alcohol-based hand rub with at least 60% alcohol.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands.
Follow appropriate respiratory etiquette, which includes covering for coughs and sneezes.
Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Maintain at least 6 feet apart.
Encourage the use of filtering face pieces.
Stay home and quarantine if COVID symptoms are present or tested positive.
When out-of-state travel occurred, stay home for 14 days with no symptoms for 24 hrs afterwards.
If you think you might have COVID-19 symptoms (fever, sore throat, fatigue, shortness of breath, dry cough) contact your health care provider and supervisor.
Disinfect surfaces with appropriate solutions (ones that specifically say they kill human coronavirus).
Be cautious of other health consequences to exposure from certain cleaners.

In addition, employees must familiarize themselves with the symptoms of COVID-19:



Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing; and

Early symptoms such as chills, body aches, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, and runny nose.
If you develop a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough or shortness of breath, DO NOT GO TO WORK and call your healthcare provider right away. Likewise, if you come into close contact with someone showing these symptoms, call your healthcare provider right away.

Facility Site Protective Measures

Petrik Naval has instituted protective measures at locations.