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Automation System Design

Automation System Design


Amendments to SOLAS Regulation II-2/20 were adopted to accept a decreased
number of air changes and/or a decreased amount of ventilation in ro-ro or vehicle spaces
where an air quality control system is provided.
The ventilation system fitted on such area may be operated at decreased number of air
change and decreased amount of ventilation, if ship is fitted with air quality control system
based on the guideline as per MSC.1/ Circ. 1515.
The Air Guard air quality system is measuring the CO,NO2 and LEL concentration values
and regulates the air flow by changing the number of revolution of supply and exhaust


The Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU is a directive by the European Union, which seeks to harmonise many aspects of legal metrology across all member states of the EU. Its most prominent tenet is that all kinds of meters which receive a MID approval may be used in all countries across the EU.

The MID covers these measuring instruments:


Essential requirements for any unattended machinery space (UMS) Ship to able to sail at sea are enumerated in the SOLAS 1974 Chapter II-1, regulations 46 to regulation 53. The main points discussed in this chapter are discussed in this article. Requirements for Unattended Machinery Space (UMS) Ship
Control of Propulsion Machinery from Navigation Bridge


Essential requirements for any unattended machinery space (UMS) Ship to able to sail at sea are enumerated in the SOLAS 1974 Chapter II-1, regulations 46 to regulation 53.


Through vast experience and knowledge, PETRIK NAVAL has developed a level gauging system LEVEL-ONE with unique features focused on onboard operational needs. Today we are offering a range of level gaguing systems and display software.


The API Separator is normally the first, and arguably most important, wastewater treatment step in most petroleum refineries. For years, refineries have attempted to use other technologies or treatment scenarios as an alternative to the API separator. But most refineries ultimately select, or return to, the API separator as the technology of choice for their wastewater treatment primary oil/solids separation step.


We are able to integrate while seagoing which guarantees the minimum down time. Our systems are modular, we integrate one part of the process management system while the other parts are managed by the old system. The step by step integration gives the opportunity to debug and fix all possible sensor problems. We provide a complete sensors revision and verification while new system is integrated.

Commissioning & Training

Our systems don’t need any special training. We develop one key access and intuitive systems that matches all kind of staff. The integration of the state of art touch screen systems provides easy and intuitive way of usage. You just touch the screen and get the online information about all.


Our products are certified by the major classification societies. While marine electronics manufacturers come and go, we provide systems based on PLC, HMI, SCADA systems. We can guarantee 10 year project life cycle and spare supply.

Scaleable and expandable

The modular nature of our systems makes them suitable with all kind of projects. You can integrate today one part of your process and next year other part. All that in the same management system. We can integrate almost all the known process management systems.


We have experience and skills to realize all the necessary getting your system full function back with considerable new, modern functions as email the process states, trend the variables on your process, statistics, one view for most important data and more. We offer minimum down time while the new integrations are done.


We have 10 years of experience with marine refit, retrofit and conversions. Let us replace your old and obsolete, outdated systems with modern, state of the art automation technology. With the control system modernization you have maintenance and cost reduction. Do you have brand discontinuous projects? We give you long term solutions and upgrades for all.

How we do

To make sure all refit installations are a success we follow a procedure consisting of four steps: Our engineers carry out a site survey and prepare a design note. For the proper integration we first need to get the entire process information. That includes sensors type, data management type, redundancy type, control types, wiring distribution and structure.

What we can offer

Most of our systems are ideal for refit/retrofit installation. We would like to mention our previous projects. All of them projected, managed and executed with the maximum dedication caring all the details to ensure the best practices on board. More…


After all the necessary data is here, we start the new project development and designs. All the different aspects of the old systems are present and respected. We develop the hardware and the Firmware as a brand new system. The prototype is presented for its evolution by customers technical department.

Automation System Design Spain, Gibraltar