The Marpoil ODM provides for the detection of oil particles and elimination of the effects of non-oil contaminants in a continuous flow of sample water. The sample water is preconditioned with a de-aerator followed by a high hear emulsification process, and then enters a measuring cell with two cylindrical glass cells through which light within the red spectrum is passed. The signals are transmitted to and tested in a microprocessor for identification of the content and measuring of the oil contaminants. The results are sent to the control PC where the ship staff monitors the discharging operation.

Advantages of Marpoil ODM:

Simple and compact design, easy installation and maintenance.
User friendly Control PC in the control room for system operation.
Most components are installed on engine room for easy maintenance.
Flow sensor is of Pitot tube design, which gives better accuracy.
Approved and up-gradable to monitor oil like noxious.

Viking Marpoil Datasheet