The FOCAS 2000 using a full optical continuous measuring method can surely grasp changes of oil concentration every moment while providing a very quick measurement response.

-This product adopts an automatic operation method using sample water pressure which is matched to the operation of an oil separator or pump.
-The automatic washing function of the detection unit can reduce troublesome manual washing work.
-An error code indication provided at occurrence of a device fault and a stain indication of the detection unit facilitate maintenance and inspection. The product has a high-maintainability structure.
-Operation records such as trouble alarms can be saved in a memory card and confirmed as required.
-For alarms, a double safety method is used. When the oil concentration is 15 ppm or more, and When sample water is defective or the instrument is defective, a alarm is output.
-Replacement of detecting part (sensor) separately sold can be accepted. as the completion of every five

This product meets the IMO resolution MEPC. 107(49).

Fellow Kogyo Focas 2000