Deckma OMD 2008The OMD-24 has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with 15 ppm oil-water separator units and has a specification and performance which exceeds the requirements of the International Maritime Organization specifications for 15ppm Bilge Alarms contained in Resolution MEPC. 107 (49). With 2 works-adjusted alarms at 15 ppm, other set points (10 ppm or 5 ppm) are possible and can be adjusted if it is required. If an alarm set point is exceed, the alarms are properly shown on the OMD-24.

An optical sensor array measures a combination of light scattered and absorbed by oil droplets in the sample flow of the measuring cell and te signal is driven to a microprocessor. In case of malfunction the System LED at the front panel will change from blinking green to permanent red. For the data logging function the unit requires an status input from the separator. The OMD-24 has an active 0(4) – 20 mA (equal to 0 – 30 ppm) signal output for driving a recorder or external meter.


Easy installation.
Constant measuring
Robust and small construction.
Solid suppression capability.
Low maintenance