The VAF Oilcon® Mark 6 Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems are suitable for all ballast and slop water discharges and meets the bio-fuel requirements MEPC 108(49) and 240(65). With a LCD interface, Oilcon Mark 6 improves the older versions and makes easy the operations for the Chief Officers on board.
Compound by Main Control Unit, Electro Pneumatic Unit, Flowmeter Unit, Skid assembly with a measuring cell based on the scattering light principle; and the pump/motor assembly. This technique used on VAF Oilcon Mark 6 resulted in unprecedented levels of accuracy, reliability and cost efficiency of installation and ownership.


Patented multiple scattering measurement technique
Full compliance with MARPOL requirements
No additional chemical/solvents needed for operation
No hot water flushing required
Automatic self cleansing, zeroing and calibration
Fully automatic flushing eliminates clogging on shutdown
Automatic cell window washing prevents fouling of optical path
Easy installation; only two bulkhead penetrations
Easy operation with best yet help functions
Monitoring of clean, segregated and dirty ballast in a single unit
Adjustable alarm relay contact for rpm level
Annex I and Annex II capabilities in one version

Oilcon Mark 6 Datasheet