The Seil Seres SS-2000 is suitable to be retrofitted to all Tanker Ships build before the year 2005. ODME SS-2000 is required by MARPOL regulations and it’s a system for controlling the discharge into the sea of the oily products in ballast from the cargo spaces of tankers. The System is approved in accordance with Resolution A 586 (XIV) and MEPC 51 (32) for Oily Products. Exists different alternatives to upgrade this system to S-3000 or S-3000 version 2.


Self-calibration and automatic zeroing.
Self-Cleaning of Measuring Vessel.
Across running.
PPM alarm.
Fresh water flushing and back flushing.
Total Oil Limit Alarm.
Automatic Selection of Sample Monitoring.
Up to 3 channels etc.