MM2000, Martek Marine. Fixed Gas Detection.

The MM2000 system tests for toxic and flammable gases in a range of situations. Twin green/amber/red LEDs for power, fault, and alarm on the controller with an in-built internal buzzer for alarm/fault warnings ensure you’ll never miss a potential problem.
The addressable fixed gas detection system is suitable for many applications.
The system system operates on a single 4-core cable having the capacity to monitor from 1 to 32 addressable sensors. The control system provides local indication of the measured parameters and alarm conditions together with relay contacts to shut down machinery or to alert operators in other locations

MM2000 has been approved for marine use onboard all types of ships.

Main features:
Type approved and wheelmarked control panel and gas detectors

Loop sensor cab

le for low cost installation

One man calibration

Compact panel for the smallest control rooms

No moving parts

Continuous monitoring of all sensors

Martek Marine MM2000 Datasheet