The System is approved in accordance with Resolution A 586 (XIV) and MEPC 51 (32) for Oily Products and also for oily substances. This equipment is in full compliance with IMO RES A 586(XIV) – MEPC 51 (32) for Tanker Ships. The SEIL SERES S663 MK-III is suitable to be retrofitted to all Tanker Ships build before the year 2005. ODME S 663 MK III is required by MARPOL regulations and it’s a system for controlling the discharge into the sea of the oily products in ballast from the cargo spaces of tankers. The core is the Oil Content Meter, which uses an intrinsically safe multi cell detection system with automatic compensation, for detecting the actual PPM value of oil content.

It consists of the following parts:

Oil content meter.
DP Transmitter.
Hydraulic panel.
Motor sampling pump

The SEIL SERES S663 MK-III can be upgraded to the latest ODME systems from KSB Seil Seres like the S-3000 Version 2.

Seil Seres S663 MK-III Datasheet