Hanla Fixed gas sampling system is of scanning (sequential) sampling type and is suitable for water ballast tanks, void spaces as well as for pump room applications. The System is a Gas Monitoring based on suction process sampling toward one or more common detector(s), combined with analog inputs from local gas detectors.
HGS-100 is an essential system in the cargo oil tanker, the gas carrier, the chemical carrier. Continuous monitoring will occur the alarm when the gas
concentration is increased over than preset value and show the visible and audible alarm. This system covers the max. 48 channels for cargo oil tanker. The PART1 of this system is for 1 to 40 channels and used to monitor the gas of the ballast tanks. The PART2 is for monitoring the gas concentration of the pump room. Each PART uses the only one sensor. To monitor many sensing points, sequential sampling the gas through the line will be economic scheme. Generally, in the ballast tanks, the Hydrocarbon(HC) gas is monitored. And, in the pump room, not only the hydrocarbon, but also the Oxygen(O2), Hydrogen sulfide(H2S) gases are monitored too.