G1010 series oxygen analysers, Hitech Instruments. The analysers of oxygen of the series G1010 carry galvanic cells and can measure concentrations of oxygen from 100% until 0,1 ppm in a variety of gases. They exist diverse versions of sensor and of configuration, allowing so the analyser operate in a wide rank of applications. A large multi-digit, autoranging LCD shows the concentration and user-adjustable parameters. Two alarm channels, user-programmable to be high, low or off, each provide one set of volt-free changeover contacts, and can be set to any concentration within the span of the instrument. A user programmable analogue output of 0 to 5v or 4 to 20mA is also available.

Typical Applications:

-Nitrogen generators
-Nitrogen purged soldering systems
-Gas mixers
-Air separation plants
-Landfill / digester gas monitoring
-Glove boxes
-Medical monitoring

G1010 Oxygen Datasheet