The Rivertrace Smart-Cell bilge alarm meets the requirements of MEPC 107 (49) for the monitoring of fuel oil, diesel and emulsions. The Smart-Cell detector array technology, developed by Rivertrace, analyses all thee oil types at the same time without a recalibration. Manual device for cell cleaning is included for a optimum operating condition and simplify the maintenance. The Smart Cell Bilge Alarm is readily available as a 5ppm version if required. It can also be tailor made for Hazardous Environments (Zone 1 & 2) as an Exd system with Auto Clean, all enclosed in an explosion proof cabinet.
The monitor’s calibration can be checked using our verification calibration kit. This is an approved method of demonstrating that the unit is still working correctly to Port State Control and Class.


• Bilge Water Discharge
• Rig Slop Tank Discharge
• Air Cooler Drains Overboard Discharge
• Oily Water Separator Discharge

Rivertrace Smart Bilge Datasheet