OMICRON alarm system OVS 2.1 OP monitors the oxygen content and the pressure in the waste vapour lines during loading of tank vessels. It consists of a detector cabinet mounted on deck with Eex ia approved oxygen and pressure sensors, flow fail initiator, manifold selector, test and purge facility. The electronic cabinet mounted in the cargo control room with alarm panel has individual LED displays and alarm status LEDs.
Different models cover all configurations of manifolds and vapour lines.
The system fulfils IMO and classification societies’ rules and regulations.

OMICRON Vapour System for Oxygen and Pressure OVS 2.1 OP is a micro controller based alarm and monitoring system. The system can be configured with any number of pressure sensors and different types of oxygen manifold selector valves.
The detector cabinet is connected by electrical signals to the zener barriers mounted in the electronic cabinet. The electronic cabinet also contains the alarm panel, power supply and output relays. The alarm panel has an LED display for oxygen content and measured pressures. There are further alarm status LEDs for flow fail, high oxygen content, low and high pressures and system failures.
Each pressure sensor channel has adjustable processor controlled LOW and HIGH pressure alarm settings. The oxygen channel has an adjustable processor controlled high content alarm setting.
As standard are potential free output relay contacts for power failure, system failure and common alarm. The system can drive a bridge remote alarm panel and can be connected to external computers via RS 485/422 serial line.