Oilcon® Mark 6M Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems are used for continuous online monitoring of discharge water during de-ballasting operations. The multiple scattering technique applied in Oilcon® monitors is a unique feature. VAF Instruments have obtained world-wide patents on this principle, which significantly contributes towards optimum system performance. Meeting full compliance with MARPOL requirements.

Main features:
• No additional chemicals/solvents needed for operation: meaning no environmental pollution and low operating costs.
• Automatic self cleansing, zeroing and calibration. Fully automatic flushing eliminates clogging on shutdown.
• Automatic cell window washing prevents fouling of optical path.
• Adjustable alarm relay contact for ppm level.
• Easiest ODME Oilcon® installation; Positioning of the two bulkhead penetrations.

The VAF Oilcon Mark 6M also consists of main control unit, electropneumatic unit, flowmeter system and a skid assembly with analysing cell and sample pump. Exists also the possibility to upgrade this system to the new VAF Oilcon Mark 6 with the Bio fuel revision.

Oilcon Mark 6M ODME