Omicron Gas Sampling System type OGS3.11 can be used in all spaces where gas detection is requested. Our systems can handle several gasses simultaneously.

Omicron systems have the unique automatic ”blowback feature”, which together with two sampling pumps create a rapid and clean sampling cycle. Hence for Gas tankers we are able to handle more points and still maintain the 30 minute rule of IMO Gas Code.

The system fulfils latest requirements from IACS, EC, IMO and all major classification societies’ rules and regulations.

OGS 3.11 is for permanent installation. Different models and options cover most applications you will find onboard tankers. All Delivered parts are completely assembled ready for interconnection to on site application. The operator panel has LCD display and individual LED lamps indicating each measuring point status.

TYPE OGS 3.11 Omicron Datasheet