Honeywell’s HERMetic UTImeter Rtex is a portable electronic liquid level gauge designed for gauging of petroleum products under restricted conditions. A restricted system exists when a marine tank vessel allows some vapors from its cargo tanks into the atmosphere under normal operating conditions.

​HERMetic UTImeter Rtex offers continuous temperature reading, ullage and  oil/water interface level detection. The unit is used for custody transfer, cargo control measurement and free water detection on marine vessels. Connected to a HERMetic vapor control valve fixed on the tank, the HERMetic UTImeter Rtex permits operation under restricted conditions.

It comes with easy access for battery exchange, and can be fitted with interchangeable adaptors for connection on different vapor control valves. The tape cleaning devices, window wiper and tape protection on all units are standard parts.

This UTI allows you to messure ullage level, temperature and discriminate between water and oil.
It has a resollution of 0.01ºC in temperature messurements, and you can change this resolution to 0.1 ºC
This UTI is very reliable and rarely have problems. The only thing is that the junction between the sensor and the tapes is very fragile and is the most commun issue in this UTI.