The GASBAL system is designed to detect and analyse gas concentration in closed spaces such as ballast tanks, void or dry spaces. The system scrolls each input and activates an alarm if the gas concentration is over the pre-set value. This gas detection system can be installed on board tankers, OBOs, offshore vessels and rigs.

The GASBAL system consists of two main units:

• An analysing unit, including up to three different gas sensors, and up to 24 input channels for sampling and 6 channels for 4-20mA imputs (local gas transmitters).

• A control unit, for local and/or remote operation, fitted with an LCD display and a keyboard, used to set up, operate, check and maintain the GASBAL equipment. Two digital RS485 ports allow control and communication with any host computers.

Honeywell’s GASBAL System improves safety. It simplifies installation, takes very small space and reduces the cost of deployment and maintaining the gas detection system.

Gasbal System Honeywell