The fixed gas sampling system is dedicated to analyze automatically gases in tanks (Ballast, cargo, …), void spaces or any posible dangerous area, in order to detect any gas concentration level over or under safety limits and to monitor actions as visible and audible alarms.

Parts of the system:

Control Unit: Used to interact with the system, due to the configuration of the ship it is normal to find more than one installed, using one for each zone to be sampled, (Pump room, WBT, …)

Analysing Unit: It is in charge of managing and analyzing the samples received. Also responsible for detecting any internal leakage. Composed by gas detector, solenoid valves, flow meters, power supply and connections.

Pipe System: Sampling Pipes, shut-off valves, flame traps and filters transport the samples to the detector from their respective points.

This System is a Gas Monitoring based on suction process, the gas sample is taken from each sampling point in turn, according to the setup sequence and transported through the sampling pipe toward one or more common detectors, allowing the use of high quality gas detectors whit good accuracy, where it will be analyzed and displayed on the Control Unit.

The maker has included a calibration function that allows us to use our multigas pattern bottle from a single common point for all cabin detectors. Although, a step by step calibration is also allowed in each one of the detectors, using the standard gas corresponding in each case.

The most common controlled gases are: Hydrocarbon gases, Oxygen, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon monoxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Nitrogen monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide…