The OCD CM Bilge Alarm Unit has been designed specifically for use in conjunction with 15 ppm oily-water separator units. It has a specification and performance which meets the requirements of the International Maritime Organisation specifications for Bilge Alarm Units contained in Resolution MEPC
60 (33).

Multiple optical sensors measures a combination of light scattered and absorbed by oil droplets in the sample stream. The sensor signals are then read by a microprocessor, which uses advanced solids discrimination algorithms to determine the oil content of the sample. This improved algorithm results in a performance greater than twice the required solids rejection set down in MEPC 60 (33). With two adjustable alarm set points, the OCD -CM is a simple 3-button 15 ppm Bilge Alarm which its microprocessor continuously monitors the sensor components and electronics to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.

Rivertrace Smart Cell OCD-CM