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FIxed gas detector sampling system

Fixed Gas Detector

In tanker ships, a fixed gas sampling system is a vital safety feature, serving to monitor and analyze the atmosphere within cargo and storage areas.

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ODME Oily water discharge monitoring equipment system

ODME System

ODME stands for Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment, and it refers to a system used on board ships to monitor and record the discharge of oily water.

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OWS 15ppm bilge alarm

OWS 15ppm Bilge Alarm & Monitor

At Petrik Naval, we have vast experience in calibrating, repairing and commissioning oil content meters. We are OEM maker approved company.

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Commissioning of Marine Automation Electronics System

Marine Serivces

“Shoreline Support: Enhancing Maritime Operations Globally” Our mission is to attend the specific needs of the tanker ship market

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Cargo Control Console Valve Control Level Gauging

Marine Automation Systems

“Revolutionizing Maritime Operations: Cutting-Edge Marine Automation System Sets Sail for Efficiency and Safety”

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Certification service

OEM Maker Approvals

Both partners collaborate extensively on joint marketing initiatives to boost product visibility.

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Quality Policy

Quality Policy Statement ISO9001:2015 The company Petrik Naval Limited was established in 2010 to provide marine automation services to the tanker ship fleet world wide. We are based in Gibraltar Strait Area.

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